What Colors Look Best With Your Skin Color

Everybody knows that certain colors look good on them. We go through different skintypes and tell you what colors will make you stand out and look your best. One way to make sure your foundation makes your skin look its best is by using L’Oreal’s TrueMatch foundation that blends naturally to your color.



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3 responses to “What Colors Look Best With Your Skin Color

  1. I look best in green because it’s my eye color.

  2. Kegyn

    Makeup wise i look great with blue purple or green eyeshadow. I have hazel eyes and they are always changing so green usually. I have a light blue prada bag that my mom got me it brings out my fair skin and my dirty blonde hair. clothes wise I like grays, it brings out the rosey color in my cheeks and is a great contrasting color to my hair:) btw i love vaingloriousXD<3

  3. Liz

    I have hazel eyes and auburn hair and the colors I go to most are olive greens and navy blue. Both colors have a big contrast compared to my hair and eyes but the green goes with my eyes and the navy makes my hair look richer in color and bold. Other colors I go to when I want to spice it up are: teals, dark purple, yellow, and red. When I wear yellow and red, it is usually a accessory color more then the whole look.

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