Cannes Film Festival Style For Less

Every year for two weeks, Hollywood moves to Cannes, France for the film festival. It’s a place to premiere the hot new summer movies, but who cares about the films! It’s all about the fashion! Everybody steps it up when they get to Cannes and this year was no exception. We talk about some of the hot trends on the carpet and how to get the look for less.

Direct links to clothes seen in this episode:



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3 responses to “Cannes Film Festival Style For Less

  1. bring comfy shoes, since you will we walking a lot for the tourist places and bring a small cross body bag so that you have ur essencials with you in a safe place! Also- sunscreen, a fabulous hat, some shorts, blouses, bracelets galore! and ofcours, shades!

  2. bella

    hey i’m still young I want to be a fashion designer like prada when I get
    older I’ve started styling stuff I get tips from your videos starting to love it,
    I’ll stay tuned for whats when and in love’n the ideas

  3. bell

    hey again I would start with all my favortie clothes short skirt
    black and red high heels nice easy to carry handbag something comfy like a soft or floppy t-shirt enjoy your trip

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