Bathing Suit Trends and GIVEAWAY!

Yes, it is that time of year again. Bathing suit season. We talk what bathing suit trends are hot right now and where to get awesome plus size suits. Our friends at are giving away a super cute kaftan and even giving a 20% discount off their entire site (till July 8th)! Watch the video for all the detail!



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2 responses to “Bathing Suit Trends and GIVEAWAY!

  1. ok…so…you talk all this fluff about going to your own channel, then suddenly you disappear off the face of the earth? On one hand I hope you’re ok. On the other hand, if you ran out of material and wanted to quit you should have just said so…. remember you had tons of fans who checked your blog daily. It seems kind of rude that you would do this without at least saying good bye. Im not trying to be presumptuous, just stating the obvious.

    • Tessa

      I completely agree Aurora. Kristen T has another DIY blog but she never said anything about Vainglorious. It kinda sucks 😦 Hope they are ok and I really do wish they would do a blog post closing up Vainglorious because I know myself and quite a few of my friends are always wondering if they will ever put up another blog post. It is so completely disappointing >.<

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